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The content is based on the fourth grade science and ecology curriculum aligned with the Pennsylvania Department of Education Ecology standards, and informal learning from real world field trips offered by the Audubon Society of Western PA.  There are about 20 concepts, 20 plants and about 1,000 facts. There is a comprehensive teacher’s guide explaining how to use the software and documenting all content.

Teachers can deploy and use the software in many ways. Ideal for the fourth grade student, it is age appropriate for children from second grade up to seventh grade.

  • The teachers can act as a guide, while the virtual world is projected on to a screen for the entire class to see.
  • If you have a CAVE or Theater, you can project it inside for an immersive educational experience.
  • Or the software can be installed in a PC computer lab where the students can explore independently at their own pace. Empirical tests show learning gains of 40% in the independent, free and open exploration mode in only one hour.
  • If structure is desired, teachers can give students a map and assign a treasure hunt to find facts and concepts. 
  • Moreover, it can be used before and or after a real field trip, to more than double learning in the real field trip, thus providing a higher economic value from real field trip.
  • The Virtual Trillium Trail TM may be used to teach about places that are inaccessible in the real world, such as deep in ponds, streams and in the top of the forest canopy.
  • Presents a view of the forest before deforestation, destruction, man-made roads, power lines, sewers and other imbalances.

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